MOONSTONE CAPITAL PARTNERS provides fundraising services to alternative investment managers through the placement of private capital and private debt, the placement team will develop and implement a targeted marketing strategy tailored to the unique needs of each client with focusing on suitable investors.


Private Equity Funds – Private Equity Transactions – Private Funds – Venture Capital Funds – Speciality Funds – Investment Platforms – Private Credit – REITs – Infrastructure Funds.


We accept fundraising and placement transactions generally ranging in size from US$10 million to US$ 200 million.



We conduct enhanced due diligence on the fundraising transactions which building trust between our investors and us.

We advise on the fundraising structure to achieve attractive terms for both clients and investors.

We assist in the preparation and reviewing of marketing presentations and due diligence documents.

We prepare preliminary investors list and develop marketing strategy for each client.

Execution and Closing

We execute marketing and road show.

We engage clients with investors and assisting in transaction negotiation.

We follow up with investors and keep them updated with the marketing process.

We generate marketing update reports to our clients and exercise our best efforts to maximize the value-creation possibility of the placement and marketing transaction.

We execute the fundraising transaction and secure successful closing.

Post Closing

We evaluate the whole fundraising transaction with our clients and review their new investors’ portfolio composition.

We continuously build on the success of the fundraising transaction and develop our clients’ brand in the alternative investments’ community.

We keep the investors updated with the new investment activities of our clients for future transactions.

We work very closely with our clients on developing new investment opportunities that meet future needs of investors.